Pursue Flavor


Pursue Flavor

Pursue Flavor

Exploring the experience of Marlboro flavor through a global campaign

Client ↘
Philip Morris International

Year ↘
2021 / 2022

Role ↘
Art Direction, Editing

Agency ↘
Publicis Group

                    Marlboro is more than just a brand; it's a call to live life boldly and make confident choices. This philosophy is perfectly mirrored in how Marlboro's flavor is described: 'Unique,' 'Rich,' and 'Intense.' These qualities embody the brand's values of authenticity, freedom, and self-determination, which, in essence, define a unique, rich, and intense life. The brand seamlessly connects the enjoyment of flavor with the essence of living life to the fullest.


What I did

                    My approach to visually translating the values of uniqueness, richness, and intensity is a deliberate and thought-out process that combined storyboarding, cinematography and art direction to create a campaign film that is not only aesthetically vibrant but also emotionally resonant. I’ve chosen an analog film treatment with grain, soft focus and a shallow depth of field to guide the viewer's attention to specific elements, underscoring the richness and intensity of the content. Additionally, I've focused on close-up portraits to bring out the intricacies and nuances of the subjects, helping viewers connect on a more intimate level.


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